The Master Secret (aka psychological lesson) I learned from Mister Rogers, that allowed him to implement the seven secrets and make a difference for over 30 years through his programming (and even now 17 years after his death)!

•Was there ever a time when you wished a wise comforting presence like Mister Rogers was there to comfort you, or make the world feel safer and better?

•Or did you ever wish you could offer this to a friend or child?

•I certainly did, and I heard my students share some of the kids they worked with in inner city schools had no one, so they turned to violence

•Then, I embarked on a transformative quest to unpack the psychological principles that allowed him to have this effect

•7 key principles emerged that can be implemented & put into place in our own lives to keep his legacy alive.

•Some of the secrets come naturally to some people, but for others it can be a struggle to show empathy. Our research team uncovered the secret behind the secret, and Mister Rogers wife gave a glimpse into this in one of the three adjectives she used to describe her husband. That is why we created this course to reveal how to apply this principle and reach the next level of your capacity to be fully present and implement the other seven secrets like never before, so you can connect with neighbors in healing and powerful ways!

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Learn The Master Secret: A lesson learned from Mister Rogers that gave him an advantage to influence people across 30 years of television programming and now still 17 years after his death! Click here (coming soon).